Johnny Light is a one-of-a-kind, magical man spinning his unique blend of musical medicine over the last four decades. This is his sixth creation of originals, outshining even his acoustic treasures, Golden AgeChild and the SageFresh WaveSplashGreat Love and Freedom. A phenomenal performance story of over 1,500 appearances at festivals, spiritual centers, expos, homes, concert halls, yoga studios and street-side parks over four decades, Johnny Light loves to inspire audiences on today's fun-lovingkindness tour with Happy Oasis. Galaxies of Gratitude to you for being the bliss as we all share our timeless wisdom of the ages!


  • Songs of the Soul (FWP 50) - ORDER NOW!
    > From a Single Note, Freedom, Burns a Light, Energy, Earth Angel, Golden Age, Holy Way, Lady of the Ocean, Alive, The Other Lover, 21st Century, Drift Away, Miracle, Thank You
  • Fresh Wave (FWP 100) - ORDER NOW!
    > Yes, Nobody's Gonna Save Me, O' Lover, Back on Purpose, Beyond War, Wanting a Light, Fresh Wave, We Are Rainbow, Being in Communications, Beloved One, No Pain, Drop Away
  • Golden Age (FWP 200) - SOLD OUT!
    > Alive, Beyond the Golden Age, Brother/Sister, Can You Feel It?, Come Feel the Rainbow, Destiny, Deep Love, Forever Forests, Golden Age, Know You Now, Long Wave, Moment By Moment, Rainbow People, Shining, Twenty-First Century Man/Woman, Wise Don’t Go to War
  • Child & the Sage (FWP 300) - SOLD OUT!
    > Dreamer, Drift Away, Fly, From A Single Note, Harbinger Song, Holy Way, Joy, Lady of the Ocean, Long Ago, Make Love Stay, My Baby, Sensations, She’s Behind Me Now, Silence, Suspended in Time, These Hands Can Heal, Time, Visitor, Wonder, Sweet Wonder
  • Splash (FWP 400) - SOLD OUT!
    > Bullshit Mama, Central America, Don’t Know My Name, Energy, Great Big Lie, Life’s Been Too Good to Me Blues, Love’s Coming Back into Fashion, Out of Your Mind, Sai Baba, Survival, The Way I Was Found, We is Primitive, You/I
  • Great Love (FWP 500) - SOLD OUT!
    > As the Moon, Burns a Light Within Me, Celebrate the Love, Earth Angel, Gonna Be Your Man, Great Love, Imagination, In My Dreams, In the Garden, Living in the Light, Love You, Miracle, Ode to Truth, Riversong, Running From Your Love, Thank You, The Other Lover, What is a Dream?
  • Freedom (FWP 600) - SOLD OUT!
    > Dark Ages, Freedom, Jail, Sovereign People

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