From the Desk of John David Van Hove,

Re: Financial Coach *

Dear Friends,

Your money sitting in the bank in U.S. Dollars is losing 12% - 15% per annum accomplishing nothing except devaluation and loss of buying power.

For those of you needing financial education or coaching, or having to manage a recent or upcoming inheritance, you may retain my services as your personal financial coach.

Have a prosperous future!

Yours in service,
- Jon D'Van, Financial Coach & Business Consultant


Our Goal: Create financial regime with “Leader Checklist”
Our Objective: Integrate all business and finance into client priority plan for execution

1. Precious Metals: Expand your portfolio of platinum, gold and silver coins to hedge against inflation and devaluation of U.S. Dollar. 
√ Platinum
√ Gold
√ Silver

2. Multiple Currencies: Open multiple-currency bank accounts and select currency investments to hedge against inflation and devaluation of U.S. Dollar. ____% =  $_________
√ Trends and Recommendations
√ Select Currency Investment CD or Active Management Account?
√ Account Authentication (current address, if less than a year provide driver’s license and rental/utility bill)

3. Long-Term Investments in Company Stock/Bonds/Mutual Funds or Direct Private Equity: As a speculative three to five year investment in selected companies in green or web technology companies. Place your money where venture capital firms are and hedge your bets with smaller investments in five or ten ventures with high-growth capacity. ____% =  $_________

4. Retirement Planning: Establish a solid retirement investment fund to guarantee, minimum monthly income upon retirement age of 65+ in a conservative insurance company annuity. Amount invested will determine minimum monthly. ____% $_________

5. Life Insurance: Purchase a life insurance policy of $500k - $1m for a selected beneficiary upon your death (e.g., Liberty Direct; $100/month). Payments should be $75 - $125/month at your age and in good health. ____% =  $1,200/year

6. Health Insurance: Either purchase an adequate health insurance policy or create a tax-deductible health reserve fund instead. More research is needed here. Health insurance premiums are rather high and a health investment fund might be more suitable given you have the funds available. ____% =  $25,000

7. Your Business & Personal Well-Being: Investing in your income-producing ability, education, websites or whatever your business requires to increase your revenue for as long as you can. Investing in your personal enjoyment, travel or education for your own conscious evolution (e.g., JR Health & Wellness). ____% =  $_________

8. Real Estate & Residency: Investing in your personal residence either in USA or in a foreign country (e.g, $100k in reserve for 20% deposit on $500k property; explore rent vs. mortgage options, taxes and upkeep expenses; buy favorable foreclosures and distressed properties in southern Oregon; explore foreign investment property in Brazil in exchange for residency; Panama is $50k minimum investment for residency). ____% =  $_________

9. IRA: Either liquidating or converting your IRS to self-directing. Explore tax consequences. ____% $_________

10. Asset Protection & Estate Planning: Now that you have assets you may consider business structuring for asset protection and estate planning to limit your personal liability and determine an heir. 
√ Legal Structure (sole proprietor, corporation, general partnership, limited liability company, statutory trust)
√ Applying for an EIN # & Bank Account
√ Documentation & Authentication (recordkeeping, bylaws, resolutions, minutes, contracts and reports)


* Financial Coach Disclaimer: This consultation may provide information about your finances designed to help users safely cope with their own financial needs. But financial information is not the same as financial or investment advice. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a licensed financial advisor if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.

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