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Dear Friends,

Back in the seventies I began my first “health coaching” practice when many holistic health modalities were being introduced as an alternative to standard medical practice. I ran a health resource center for years in Detroit, Michigan and referred people to many different practitioners.

What I discovered over the years is the largest chasm in the health industry, which consumes 1/6 of the domestic GNP in the USA, is the availability of comprehensive diagnosis. When a client gets sick they are often given so many competing and often conflicting diagnoses, tests and conclusions from which they must somehow decide what’s the appropriate regime for them to restore their health and well-being.

This requires a client taking significant responsibility for their own health instead of giving their power away to the professionals, whether standard medical or alternative practitioners, to make life and death decisions over their bodies and health.

Thus enters an experienced “Health Coach” to assist the client in sorting through the mire and confusion and coming up with a comprehensive regime in writing that you will be accountable to and execute for your own health and well-being. It is for you, the brave explorers, that I present this information to you.

Please explore our website and be open to new methods for a more empowered way of living. By opening our awareness to alternative modalities we become the healers of our lives, our families, our communities and our world.

Thank you and good health,
- Jon D'Van, Health Coach


Our Goal: Create health regime with “Well-Being Checklist”
Our Objective: Integrate all diagnoses into client priority plan for execution

  1. Attitude: Adopt an ever-present, positive, mindful attitude of self-love and gratitude: a) loving oneself and others unconditionally; b) forgiveness; c) giving attention where needed; d) being focused on your daily regime, e) being committed to your healing and sticking with the program. Remember to gently smile.
  2. Exercise: Daily exercise to increase circulation and heart-rate (e.g., twenty minutes of walking and/or energetic, aerobic exercise).
  3. Yoga: Regular yoga, stretching or breathing exercises for balancing 5 vital organs (e.g., lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen).
  4. Water: Drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces per-day (e.g, 150# = 75 fluid ounces).
  5. Diet & Nutrition: Anti-fungal, anti-yeast diet based on body needs and signals.
  6. Hormones: Explore hormone balance or imbalance with testing. Adjust diet accordingly if necessary.
  7. Enzymes: Use a powerful enzyme supplement daily for general and digestive use (e.g., VitalzymX).
  8. Supplements: Determine absorbable varieties of vitamin, enzymes and supplements compatible with your diet and nutritional needs. This might include Vitamin A, B complex, C, D and/or others like Lecithin, Calcium and Zinc.
  9. Vitamin B Supplement: Unless you eat lots of organic, green vegetables you might require Vitamin B complex and/or Chorella.
  10. Vitamin C Supplement: Daily mega-dose of Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid (e.g., crystalline powder preferred at 2k mg per day; adjust based on bowel movement; if constipated this could resolve digestive issues).
  11. Vitamin D Supplement: With 59% of the world population deficient in Vitamin D a daily supplement would be advised.
  12. Vitamin B-17 Supplement: Daily dose of Vitamin B-17 (e.g., an apple-a-day means eating one fresh apple and their seeds every day; chewed well and not moldy).
  13. Endocrine Building, Iodine Supplement & Sleep Enhancement: For the endocrine system and thyroid gland take a daily dose of Edgar Casey’s "Detoxified Iodine." Remember to thump your thymus. If you have a hard time sleeping and for the pineal gland take "Melatonin" before bed.
  14. Pancreas Building: Rebuilding strength in pancreas for insulin production and enzyme (e.g., eliminate processed sugars, caffeine and all recreational drugs; supplement with Vitamin B-17).
  15. Natural Insulin: Might supplement diet with natural insulin (e.g., Jerusalem artichokes and Juniper berries).
  16. Oxygen/Ozone Therapies & Detox: Preliminary immune-building and detoxification with oxygen/ozone therapies (e.g., weekly steam spa, apply ozonated oil over affected areas and drinking 1 8 oz cup of ozonated water daily). See
  17. Slow Detox: Begin slow detoxification after immune-building results. Use "MSM Powder" as a supplement.
  18. Colon Hydrotherapy & Detox: Twice annual colon hydrotherapy for cleaning and detox.
  19. Digestive Supplements: Daily dose of “Pro-Biotics” for restoring colon health (e.g., orally or rectally).
  20. Heavy Metal Detox: Accelerated detoxification of heavy metals after immune-building results (e.g., "NDF" or "Zeolite").
  21. Mercury Removal: Proper mercury-removal of amalgam fillings.
  22. Other Acute or Chronic Conditions: To be determined by your physicians or doctor.


* Health Coach Disclaimer: This consultation may provide information about your health designed to help clients safely cope with their own health needs. But health information is not the same as health advice. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a licensed health advisor or medical practitioner if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.

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